Guerrilla Marketing

To encourage people to use the train to go and explore nearby cities, Thalys created three interactive billboards. Each billboard represented a city, and each was host to more than 1000 unique sounds from that city. Pedestrians were invited to plug in with their personal headphones and start exploring. If you have questions about Projection […]
People want to help, but aren’t always sure how. For the homeless, begging is degrading, so in partnership with the Haven night shelter, the street store was born. The world’s first, rent-free, premises-free, free pop-up shop for the homeless. Somewhere safe to give, and easy to collect. Made only from posters, people hang-up donations and […]
Give a high-five for charity and with each high-five given, a nickel is donated to charity. Great experiential project with a great cause. If you have questions about experiential marketing be sure to check out becore experiential marketing agency.
Google and KitKat are partnering up on this dual branded experiential marketing campaign to celebrate the release of the newest android operating system, Android Kitkat. To celebrate the upcoming launch of #AndroidKitKat, people could win a Nexus 7 tablet the KITKAT way, by having a break. People could take a break by sitting on a […]
Mercedes Benz recently did some very creative ‘tire’ advertising that is sure to gain “traction”. With the new release of the Sprinter Van, the automobile company wanted to do something creative to get companies to try the new vehicle. Mercedes Benz decided to customize the tire tread so that it could create several unique letters […]