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Samsung Galaxy S4 Stare Down


Samsung reveals quite an interactive installation in a popular, public space which challenges the user to stare straight into Galaxy S4 screen for 60 minutes to win the smartphone itself.

The only catch is that Samsung invited some rather fun and unusual distractions to take place in the environment to discourage the users from winning, which gathered a large audience quickly. This is an excellent example of experiential marketing. Interactive, and engaging product installations that create awareness for the product through curiosity. Instead of traditional methods of outbound advertising, creating this type of awareness through inbound marketing and by creating curiosity the buyer has a more natural introduction to the brand.

There’s nothing quite like having to stare into a smartphone while being circled by motorcycles or by a guy being caught on fire.samsung experiential marketiing

Kelly Vaught Kelly is the CMO at BeCore Experiential Marketing Agency based in Los Angeles.