Virtual Reality is an amazing thing, but one of it’s biggest complaints is that its such an individual experience, so it’s hard for other people in the room to interact and be social with someone that is in vr. Thats where this new tech coined, “mobile room scale”, comes into play. Essentially bringing multiplayer cross […]
LA Clippers and Float Hybrid Unveil Interactive Experience for Fans Endless runner games like Temple Run have permeated popular culture, and now they hit the big screen with the LA Clippers “Fast Break Challenge”. The game, created in partnership between the Clippers and Float Hybrid, uses skeletal tracking to allow fans to become the runner in a first-person game […]
Intel corporation’s drones perform in sequence with the fountains outside the Ballagio in Las Vegas during a rehearsal for the light shows that will accompany the 2018 consumer electronics show. Intel’s drone light shows feature the intel shooting star drone, the first even drone created for entertainment light shows. The shooting star drones are equipped […]